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 A world of art knowledge at your fingertips!

It’s time to learn something new. Whether it’s working on an existing skill or trying out something completely different, browse our catalog to find the tutorial you’re looking for. Our course selection is varied and we cater to multiple levels. Explore the site to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.

Improve your child’s or your art skills with interactive online art 1:1 teaching platform.

Learn from our Professional art teachers. See how they can  teach you drawing/painting anytime, anywhere.

You can learn drawing/painting at home. Our online program provides you the opportunity to learn at your convenience.

Eliminate  drop off and pick up of your child, No waiting around for class to end. Save time,money, mileage,wear and tear on your car, and most of all  save your energy! Because our courses are totally online.


Our Program-Art

Learning  Anytime Anywhere

Interactive online art 1:1 teaching program.

The benefits of learning to draw/paint:

1. Build right aesthetic concept

2. Improve color sensitivity

3. Develop imagination

4. Improve on things cognitive ability

Lessons can be tailored to the needs of any age group. 

Lesson Packages:

1. Sixty-four (64) lessons

2. One Hundred and twenty-eight (128) lessons

3. One Hundred and eighty (180) lessons

4. Lessons can also be broken down into smaller packages from ten (10) and    above

Click lesson packages for more information

Lessons are offered in four major categories.

1. 1 on 1

2. Private art tutoring

3. Small group

4. Smart Campus

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Our Program--French & Chinese

Introduction to language acquisition:

Chinese and French for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners
Begin learning a new language or improve your oral and written communication skills with veteran language teachers with proven records.
If you are or your child is in need of tutoring in French or Chinese, you have found the right resource. Worry no more. We are here to meet your needs.


Our Program-Math

Is Math holding your elementary and middle school child back in school? We are here to provide answers. Let us take on the task of tutoring your child and improving his/her math skills in school.

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Purpose and Vision


Our purpose

To bring arts into the comfort of your home.
Make drawing effortless and fun
To develop emerging skills into semi professional skills
Contribute to community integration


Our vision

Our vision is to develop young artistic minds through the offering of fine visual arts through interactive online courses, by making drawing effortless and affordable.


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